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2015 Bracket Challenge by Streaking The Lawn

It's free to enter, and you can win gift cards and t-shirts!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

We're excited to announce yet another year of the STL Bracket Challenge, and are equally excited that this year we have BreakingT sponsoring the brackets. In case you've been living in a bubble as of late, BreakingT is the company who we've been working closely with to develop the all-new "Defense Lives Here" and "Not Boring" shirts you see over to the right.

This year we're using Real Time Brackets to host the Bracket Challenge. Now before you get all huffy that you need to sign up to yet another bracket website, it's super, super easy.

Here's what you need to know:

  1. All entries are subject to the official rules found here.
  2. Sign up for the game here: Literally all they need is your name and email address. Give them that, join the "Streaking The Lawn" group with the password "wahoowa". When it asks what "type" of game you want, you need to pick traditional, which means you can't change your picks mid-tournament or mid-game.
  3. Make your selections.

Well, that seemed pretty easy, right? So what do you get?


First Place Prize:

  • A $50 gift certificate to, where you can buy some super soft t-shirts for the most relevant moments
  • A "Defense Lives Here" t-shirt
  • A "Not Boring" t-shirt

Second Place Prize:

Third Place Prize:

That's it. Tell your friends. All of them. Because it's no fun to win a bracket challenge where you're the only participant. Half of the fun is bragging the rights. The other half, of course, is prizes.

And while you wait for the games to tip off, go ahead and swing by BreakingT to check out some of their other great designs, and maybe even spend some money while you're there.

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