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2015 NCAA Tournament: Virginia's Tony Bennett Reacts to Seeding

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Virginia Cavaliers fans were hopeful that, after spending the bulk of the season ranked No. 2 in the country, with multiple top-15 wins, the team would be rewarded with a spot on the one-line during yesterday's Selection Sunday. No such luck.

"It's an exciting time, there's no question," Tony Bennett said after the Selections Show, when the team learned they would be a No. 2 seed headed to Charlotte in the East Region.

The team moved to Darden School of Business to watch the Selection Show, in part as homage to the University's fine academic background (so claims Coach Bennett), and in part because Fleetwood Mac had commandeered JPJ for a concert.

The players weren't nearly as enthusiastic in this year's reaction video as they were last year, but that's not to say they weren't excited.

And what about the No. 2 seed?

"It's more about match ups than it is about seedings," Bennett said. "There's a number of teams that probably could have gotten a one-seed, but Wisconsin deserved it. You could make the case for a few of them, but no problem, we have to show up and do our work."

"When you get to this tournament now, you have to play. You have to play well to advance, and that's certainly what's in this bracket."

And while everyone sees the potential UVA-Michigan State matchup in the Round of 32, Bennett isn't looking that far ahead yet.

"[We're] playing a very good team in Belmont. Obviously, Taylor Barnette [a former Virginia transfer], everybody knows he was here -- he's the guy that hit a couple big threes down the stretch. A very good team, a very good coach. Coach [Rick[ Byrd has won 700 games. The team has good motion, is very skilled and shoots the threes."

The Hoos will take the court in Charlotte on Friday at approximately 3:10 p.m. in a game televised on truTV.