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Monday Motivation: Selection Sunday Edition

The field is set. What do you think?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Listen. Weeks like this were bound to happen.

There are Sports Gods that need to be appeased in order for greater (NCAA Basketball) successes, and sometimes it takes sacrifices beyond our control.

Baseball series at Virginia Tech?

Not good enough.

Lacrosse vs. Notre Dame.

Nope, try again.


Close, but no cigar.

ACC semis against Justin "I can apparently do no wrong and there's no way me going 4/5 from three point land was on your scouting report" Jackson?

Not quite.


Now we're talking.

Sunday night, it was revealed that Virginia was going to play Belmont as the number two seed in the East Region. Here was the team's reaction:

Pretty chill. Cool. Calm. Collected.

Take a look at this screen shot. So much happening, and so much Monday Motivation. Let's break it down.

2015 UVA Reaction Video

First of all...they aren't in JPJ. Why?

Go your own way, Tony.

Not Pictured: Justin Anderson. JA is sitting next to our main man Mike Curtis, as shown in the video (not the still). He reacted with a casual clap. Approved...but watch that finger. Do you still have a spleen? Should we remove that? What about tonsils? I'm pretty sure in the offseason let's just remove any extraneous organs.

Devon Hall: That is pure plotting going on. All that's missing is the high-backed swivel chair and the fluffy white cat.

Uncle Malc: I see you, Malcolm. Just hanging out, scoping the competition. If I had to guess, you are probably coming off of a yawn, and that in and of itself is motivation enough.

Darion: DA wants none of this clapping business. He's ready to bring the pain on whatever Bruins "big man" steps anywhere near his paint.

BJ: Hey, BJ...sit up straight. That posture isn't good for your back. I enjoy that enthusiasm, though.

AG: The Gill-A-Monster is ready. He sees your bracket, and he thinks it's silly. In fact, he's got a very particular set of skills; skills he has acquired over a very long (three year) career. Skills that make him a nightmare for people like you (Belmont). If you let the basketball go, that'll be the end of it. He will not look for you, he will not pursue you. But if you don't, he will look for you, he will find you, and he will dunk on you.

Jeff Jones: Bad time for an ear itch.

Isaiah: He's just happy to be here. He's ready to spike the ball into your face, however. Then he'll smile like that after.

Tobey: Did you just eat something? Is that just bad timing? Are you angry yet? Angry Tobey? Can we get angry Tobey? What if I told you Bodo's was closing. Would that make you angry? Are you happy? I just can't even tell anymore, Mike. Please just dunk it and make opposing coaches take timeouts. That's my fave. Thanks.

London: #CaliSwag in picture form. No flinching, no reaction. You fools wanna make Virginia a two seed? Cool. You think losing to teams like Miami, NC State, Rutgers, and Maryland is what it takes to be a one seed? I see why we're a two. Nah, I get that Virginia lost to ranked teams, no you're right.

Seriously. Look at London. I'm motivated already.

Congrats to Women's Lacrosse who beat Princeton 18-11, Men's Tennis who beat Clemson 6-1, Men's Lacrosse who beat St. Joseph's 15-14.

Hoos travel to Charlotte on Friday to take on Taylor Barnette and the Bruins of Belmont at 3:10pm. If you can get there, turn Charlotte into JPJ South: The Redux Reduxes.

Go Hoos.