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2015 NCAA Tournament: Will a possible Michigan State matchup in the third round doom Virginia?

One game at a time.

Now, before you yell at us about looking ahead to a possible Virginia-Michigan State match up on Sunday, just know that it was the ACC Digital Network that produced the above video.

When asked, Jason Capel said that Virginia has an edge being the No. 2 seed in the East as opposed to being a No. 1 seed way out West, in large part because of Virginia fans' ability to travel. He saw how loud and proud Hoos fans were in Greensboro, and the team can expect a similar turnout as they move into NCAA Tournament play for some added energy.

The top seed in the East is Villanova, which many view as a favorable draw for the Hoos, but Capel and Jeff Fischel both agree that before anyone can even think about that match up, there's a bigger one looming for the Hoos in a Tom Izzo-coached Michigan State team that's playing its best basketball this time of year.

Will Virginia be able to get through the first weekend and survive to move on to Syracuse? How big of an x-factor is Justin Anderson in all of this?