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Barack Obama picks Virginia to elite 8, mentions Anderson health

The President joins Wahoo fans in hoping Justin is ready for March Madness!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

President Obama released his 2015 NCAA Tournament bracket, which features Kentucky winning it all, knocking off Villanova in the final.  Arizona and Duke join the two in the final four.

The President has UVA getting past Belmont, Michigan State, and Oklahoma to make the Elite 8 before falling to Villanova.

Here's the full "Barack-etology" video:

When Andy Katz and Barack Obama get to Virginia's matchup (2:45), Katz prompts him to talk about style of play, and, rather than correct him to talk about the beauty of UVA hoops, Obama notes that he was "in favor of the NCAA changing the rules."  C'mon, Mr. President!

Then, he goes on to pick UVA to beat Michigan State, despite being "worried about Anderson and how he's feeling."

The President is apparently closely following Justin Anderson's recovery from an appendectomy .  Let's put political stuff aside...and that's pretty cool. As a friend put it to me, if President Obama ran into Justin Anderson, the conversation would go something like this:

Obama: Hi, I am Barack Obama.
Justin: Hi Barack, I am Ju...
Obama: Oh, I know who you are.

Obama's full picks are available on