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Darion Atkins apologizes for postgame comments

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

After the team season-ending 60-54 loss to Michigan State, Darion Atkins did what he's done often during his Virginia career: speak his mind, openly and honestly. This time, maybe a bit too openly and honestly:

We all see where Darion is coming from here. That fourth call WAS a terrible call. Atkins DID seem to bring a very high level of intensity. And as a whole, the team didn't play that well.

That said, calling out teammates and using an offensive word was probably not the way that Darion Atkins wanted to end his Virginia career. While the type of questions that reporters asked him during an emotional moment for Atkins didn't help, this was the wrong thing to say. and he's apologized for it:

I hope people wouldn't dwell to much on stuff like this.  Darion said some emotional things after a four-year career during which he poured everything he had into program, and he promptly apologized for them. He's been known to speak his mind - like when he called the matchup with MSU a "dick-swinging contest" or when he expressed frustration about playing time during a very inopportune time last season.

But, when we remember Darion speaking his mind....let's remember quotes like this one too: