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#PackLinePledge ACHIEVED with win over Syracuse

Nowhere to go.
Nowhere to go.
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

What if I told you the No. 2 Virginia Cavaliers were held to just two points in the first 13 minutes of the game? What if I told you Virginia would go on to win by 12 points? This is not an ESPN 30 for 30 film. These are your Virginia Cavaliers.

Virginia has held 14 opponents to under 50 this season. FOURTEEN! This is, of course, a school record in the shotclock era. With the addition of Syracuse last night, now a total of nine different ACC teams have been held to under 50. That's 64% of the league unable to break the half-century mark against Virginia.

At 14, the Hoos have held their opponents to under 50 more times than they ever did under the tenures of Pete Gillen and Dave Leitao, combined. Gillen held three opponents under 50 in his seven seasons, while Leitao accomplished this feat five times in his four seasons.

If you're just hopping on the Virginia bandwagon, the Pack Line Pledge was created to celebrate Virginia's vaunted defense while giving back to a cause that has hurt close to home for UVA fans. For the background of it, you can read here. The gist is simple: for every time Virginia holds an opponent to under 50, you donate your pledged amount to the One Love Foundation. Pledge whatever you feel comfortable with. Note that CrowdRise has a $10 minimum donation, so if you're pledging under $10, save up until you reach the minimum. Thank you!

If you've committed to the pledge, but we accidentally left you off the list below, just drop a note in the comments and we'll add you the next time around!

A huge thanks to the following folks have taken the Pack Line Pledge:

Name Pledge Amount
Brian J. Leung $20
Brian Schwartz $3
OutOfStateHoo $5
PMWiley $5
mkr5u $1
WakeWahoo $20
cavfan108 $3
Jonesjulia $5
Tim Mulholland $10
IfTonyTweeted $25
UVaKareBear $5
anks89 $15 for a W; $5 for a L
KCCOlgate $10
sean_pfeiffer $10
Matt_Trogdon $20
WillSearcy15 $10
aldol13 $15
ezsweezy $10 for a W; $5 for a L
nicisom $5
jsdunn11 $5
Dsnows $25
Will Campbell $2
TikiUVA $10
diarance2010 $5
dmvagb $10
wtr3s $5
SirRobS $5
Schoolly_D $1
N_Gorski $10 + the number of points held below 50
Cavsskins919 $10
The Milvaney Family $25
Gregg Jarit $20
Wyatt Beyer $10

And thank you to everyone who has made a donation even without the pledge!