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STL's ACC Awards Ballot: First Team, Player of the Year, and more

No, we don't actually get a ballot. But here's what our vote would look like

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The Atlantic Coast Conference will announce awards, including Player of the Year and First Team All-ACC next week, before the start of the conference tournament. To prepare, your Streaking the Lawn staff took a poll of its own. Here's whom we'd elect:

First Team All-ACC:

Jahlil Okafor, Duke (21)
Jerian Grant, Notre Dame (21)
Malcolm Brogdon, Virginia (21)
Rakeem Christmas, Syracuse (18)
Terry Rozier, Louisville (17)-T
Anthony Gill, Virginia (17)-T

Second Team All-ACC:

Olivier Hanlan, Boston College (14)
Montrezl Harrell, Louisville (13)
Quinn Cook, Duke (12)
Justin Anderson, Virginia (11)
Tyus Jones, Duke (8)

Third Team All-ACC

Trevor Lacey, NC State (7)
Xavier Rathan Mayes, FSU (6)
Marcus Paige, UNC (6)
Zach Auguste, Notre Dame (5)
Michael Young, Pittsburgh (3)-T
Pat Connaughton, Notre Dame (3)-T

Honorable Mentions: (also received votes) - Sheldon McClellan, London Perrantes, Angel Rodriguez, Kennedy Meeks, Trevor Cooney, Darion Atkins

Player of the Year: Jahlil Okafor, Duke
Rookie of the Year: Jahlil Okafor, Duke
Coach of the Year: Tony Bennett, Virginia
Defensive Player of the Year: Malcolm Brogdon, Virginia

The ACC is so good that 17 players were honored on the first, second, and third teams! (Actually there were two ties for the final spot).

Okafor, Grant, and Brogdon were all unanimous first-team choices, with Okafor an easy choice as well. That last spot was the toughest pick, with Gill and Rozier each receiving 3 first-place votes. I'd give the nod to AG, who is second behind Jerian Grant in ORtg among players using >24% of possessions.

When the "real" voters send in their first-team ballots, Wahoo fans should look out for voters potentially splitting their votes among Brogdon, Gill, and even Anderson. Even if the vast majority of voters decides they should vote for one Virginia player onto first-team, the team's balance may result in all 3 getting left out.

Olivier Hanlan was the only other player to receive first place votes. He's an outstanding player, who takes a higher percentage of his team's shots than anyone else in the conference, but probably gets held back in a close race because he plays for 3-13 BC. Justin Anderson is another tricky case. Weeks ago, he would have been a first-team lock, but his injury makes that unlikely. Still, it seems like he should be recognized somewhere.

Tony Bennett was unanimous picks for Player of the Year and Coach of the year, while, Okafor easily won Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year as well. Brogdon takes home Defensive POY, though Darion Atkins picked up a couple votes too.

If you want to know whom to complain to, here's a voter-by-voter breakdown:

Brian S. Brian L. Will Drew Caroline Tiki Paul W.
First Team (POY) Jahlil Okafor Jahlil Okafor Jahlil Okafor Jerian Grant Jerian Grant Jahlil Okafor Jahlil Okafor
First Team Jerian Grant Olivier Hanlan Jerian Grant Jahlil Okafor Jahlil Okafor Malcolm Brogdon Malcolm Brogdon
First Team Anthony Gill Rakeem Christmas Rakeem Christmas Malcolm Brogdon Anthony Gill Jerian Grant Anthony Gill
First Team Rakeem Christmas Jerian Grant Malcolm Brogdon Olivier Hanlan Malcolm Brogdon Anthony Gill Jerian Grant
First Team Malcolm Brogdon Malcolm Brogdon Terry Rozier Terry Rozier Rakeem Christmas Terry Rozier Terry Rozier
Second Team Olivier Hanlan Justin Anderson Olivier Hanlan Rakeem Christmas Olivier Hanlan Justin Anderson Quinn Cook
Second Team Quinn Cook Montrezl Harrell Tyus Jones Marcus Paige Justin Anderson Tyus Jones Rakeem Christmas
Second Team Zach Auguste Anthony Gill Anthony Gill Quinn Cook Terry Rozier Olivier Hanlan Marcus Paige
Second Team Terry Rozier Quinn Cook Justin Anderson Montrezl Harrell Quinn Cook Montrezl Harrell Montrezl Harrell
Second Team Montrezl Harrell Tyus Jones Montrezl Harrell Xavier Rathan-Mayes Trevor Lacey Rakeem Christmas Justin Anderson
Third Team Justin Anderson Terry Rozier Marcus Paige Angel Rodriguez Montrezl Harrell London Perrantes Angel Rodriguez
Third Team Trevor Lacey Trevor Lacey Pat Connaughton Anthony Gill Tyus Jones Trevor Lacey Zach Auguste
Third Team Michael Young Sheldon McClellan Quinn Cook Tyus Jones Pat Connaughton Xavier Rathan-Mayes Sheldon McClellan
Third Team Pat Connaughton London Perrantes Trevor Lacey Trevor Lacey Xavier Rathan-Mayes Quinn Cook Michael Young
Third Team Kennedy Meeks Zach Auguste Xavier Rathan-Mayes Zach Auguste Michael Young Marcus Paige Xavier Rathan-Mayes
COY Tony Bennett Tony Bennett Tony Bennett Tony Bennett Tony Bennett Tony Bennett Tony Bennett
DPOY Malcolm Brogdon Malcolm Brogdon Malcolm Brogdon Malcolm Brogdon Malcolm Brogdon Darion Atkins Darion Atkins
ROY Jahlil Okafor Jahlil Okafor Jahlil Okafor Jahlil Okafor Jahlil Okafor Jahlil Okafor Jahlil Okafor