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Justin Anderson injury update: Bennett "hopeful" about return

Justin Anderson appendix watch continues

The best part of this picture is actually Jeff Jones
The best part of this picture is actually Jeff Jones
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In his weekly press conference, Virginia head coach Tony Bennett provided an update on Justin Anderson's progress. Anderson was poised to return to action after missing a month with a broken finger before having an appendectomy last Thursday.

Bennett went on to add that he is "hopeful [Justin's] going to play -- if not the ACC Tournament, then the NCAA Tournament."  It's more likely that Anderson initially plays in short bursts - he'll have stamina to regain and rust to shake off.

Last week, we looked at a couple cases and found that players with appendectomies have returned to play in games roughly 10 days after surgery; however, that number is variable, depending on a variety of factors, such as the invasiveness of surgery.  By that measure, a return late in the ACC Tourney would be unlikely but possible, while Anderson playing in the NCAA Tournament seems like a good bet.