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Justin Anderson, Teven Jones prank UVA fans about Anderson's NBA intentions

That's not funny, guys!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Late last night, in the dying minutes of April Fool's Day, Justin Anderson and Teven Jones played a cruel, cruel prank on Wahoo fans, when Jones, now at Tarleton State University, sent out the following tweet:

It's April Fool's Day right? We can't fall for that! But the fact that it was retweeted by Anderson himself seemed to legitimize it, as did Teven's smooth denial when asked:

Reactions were quick. Reporters announced Anderson's intentions to declare for the NBA Draft, while fans everywhere panicked, and started to wish him well.

Luckily, it was just six minutes later that Teven and Anderson confirmed the whole thing was just an April Fool's prank:

Don't scare us like that again, guys! If six minutes without Anderson were so harrowing, I'd hate to imagine what would happen if he left Virginia for good. (Even if it's not 'til after he graduates next season. We won't handle it well either way).