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Virginia Basketball: Last call to fulfill the Pack Line Pledge!

Virginia's defense was no joke this year.
Virginia's defense was no joke this year.
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

We're a month out from Virginia's last basketball game (frowny face emoji), which makes it a good time to remind everyone to fulfill your Pack Line Pledge before you've forgotten about it.

The Pack Line Pledge was established this year in celebration of Tony Bennett's defense and in support of Virginia basketball. For every game in which Virginia held its opponent to under 50 points, you make a donation to the One Love Foundation, the organization founded to raise relationship violence awareness after the tragic murder of Virginia women's lacrosse player Yeardley Love at the hands of Virginia men's lacrosse player George Huguely.The amount you donate is up to you, and at the bottom of this post is a breakdown of everyone's commitment insofar as they made the pledge on the comments of one of our prior posts.

Virginia held a total of 15 teams to under 50. That's 15 out of 34 games, or an impressive 44% of games played this year. Here's the list of who fell victim to Virginia's now-vaunted defense:

11/16/14 vs. Norfolk State W, 67-39
11/21/14 vs. George Washington W, 59-42
11/25/14 vs. Tennessee State W, 79-36
11/29/14 vs. Rutgers W, 45-26
12/21/14 vs. Harvard W, 76-27
1/13/15 vs. Clemson W, 65-42
1/22/15 vs. Georgia Tech W, 57-28
1/25/15 at Virginia Tech W, 50-47
2/7/15 vs. Louisville W, 52-47
2/11/15 at North Carolina State W, 51-47
2/16/15 vs. Pittsburgh W, 61-49
2/22/15 vs. Florida State W, 51-41
2/25/15 at Wake Forest W, 70-34
3/2/15 at Syracuse W, 59-47
3/12/15 vs. Florida State W, 58-44

If you're doing the math, that's nine different ACC schools that failed to score at least 50 against Virginia.

Tiki also challenged everyone to pay double for any post-season Pack Line Pledge games, which in this case was just the one Florida State game in the ACC Tournament.

Want to take your donations to the next level? Support the women's basketball team! The men weren't the only ones to flex some defensive muscle this year. The women's team held four teams under 50: Radford (75-47), Longwood (91-49), Saint Mary's (62-49), and Virginia Tech (62-47).

FINAL PAYOUT: Here's the final breakdown of how much you're paying, depending on how far you've committed:

  • Pack Line Pledge: 15 x your pledge amount (15 men's games)
  • Pack Line Pledge + Post Season Challenge: 16 x your pledge amount (15 men's games; 1 post season)
  • Pack Line Pledge + Post Season Challenge + Women's Games: 20 x your pledge amount (15 men's games; 1 post season; 4 women's games)

Thank you for your support all year! Once you're caught up, go ahead and post in the comments that your Pack Line Pledge has been FULFILLED!

Don't remember how much you pledged? Here's the pledges we gathered:

Name Pledge Amount
Brian J. Leung $20
Brian Schwartz $3
OutOfStateHoo $5
PMWiley $5
mkr5u $1
WakeWahoo $20
cavfan108 $3
Jonesjulia $5
Tim Mulholland $10
IfTonyTweeted $25
UVaKareBear $5
anks89 $15 for a W; $5 for a L
KCCOlgate $10
sean_pfeiffer $10
Matt_Trogdon $20
WillSearcy15 $10
aldol13 $15
ezsweezy $10 for a W; $5 for a L
nicisom $5
jsdunn11 $5
Dsnows $25
Will Campbell $2
TikiUVA $10
diarance2010 $5
dmvagb $10
wtr3s $5
SirRobS $5
Schoolly_D $1
N_Gorski $10 + the number of points held below 50
Cavsskins919 $10
The Milvaney Family $25
Gregg Jarit $20
Wyatt Beyer $10

And once again, thank you to everyone who has made a donation even without the pledge!