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NBA Draft: Updated mock draft projections for Virginia's Justin Anderson

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Now that the NBA Draft is almost upon us, it is time to see when Justin Anderson will be drafted. In my earlier post, the former Wahoo was predicted to go between the 20th and 27th pick in the draft. After several workouts with NBA teams leading up to the draft, where do experts see him going now?

Pick Team Site Updated
21 Dallas Mavericks CBS (Gary Parrish) 6/18/2015
22 Chicago Bulls (Bringham) 6/17/2015
22 Chicago Bulls 6/20/2015
23 Portland Trailblazers (Kennedy) 6/17/2015
23 Portland Trailblazers 6/19/2015
23 Portland Trailblazers SI (Chris Mannix) 6/23/2015
24 Cleveland Cavaliers 6/17/2015
24 Cleveland Cavaliers CBS (Zach Harper) 6/18/2015
24 Cleveland Cavaliers 6/18/2015
24 Cleveland Cavaliers CBS (Sam Vecenie) 6/18/2015
24 Cleveland Cavaliers Sportswire USA Today 6/22/2015
24 Cleveland Cavaliers (Kyler) 6/23/2015
25 Memphis Grizzlies (Chad Ford) 6/19/2015
25 Memphis Grizzlies 6/21/2015
25 Memphis Grizzlies 6/22/2015
26 San Antonio Spurs 6/22/2015
27 LA Lakers (Hamilton) 6/17/2015
27 LA Lakers 6/22/2015
27 LA Lakers 6/22/2015
29 Brooklyn Nets BleacherReport 6/22/2015

In the 20 mock drafts listed above, Anderson is predicted to be drafted between 21 and 29, a slightly larger range than a couple weeks ago. The most frequent team picked is the Cleveland Cavaliers, which showed their need for another explosive playmaker in their NBA Finals loss.