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Darion Atkins signs with San Antonio Spurs Summer League

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

All eyes were on Virginia's Justin Anderson last night, who was drafted No. 21 overall in the NBA Draft to the Dallas Mavericks. And while Darion Atkins wasn't able to hear his own name on Thursday night, it doesn't mean that the forward was exactly twiddling his thumbs while playing rummy.

According to Daily Progress's Whitey Reid, Atkins "was inundated with offers to play" in the NBA summer league. So much so that he had to narrow the list down to five, before ultimately choosing to go with the Spurs.

"Best fit," Atkins said in a text message to Whitey when asked why he chose the Spurs. "For salary cap and making the team. Already have a system."

It was reported that Atkins will be playing with the Spurs in both the Utah and Las Vegas summer leagues:

The Utah Jazz hosts the Utah Summer League, which takes place July 6-9 and will include Utah, San Antonio, the Boston Celtics, and the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Las Vegas Summer League will take place July 10-20 on UNLV's campus.