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Virginia basketball alum Mike Scott arrested, facing two felony charges

Mike Scott was arrested on two felony charges of drug possession after being in a car that fled a traffic stop, according to reports.

Banks County Sherriff's Office

Former Virginia Cavalier and current Atlanta Hawk Mike Scott was arrested Thursday morning in Northern Georgia on a pair of drug-related felony charges, according to My Fox Atlanta.

Scott allegedly was riding in a SUV driven by 20-year-old Antonn Scott (not clear at this time whether the two are related) that police attempted to pull over for following too closely, before the driver of the vehicle reportedly led police on a two-mile chase. The two admitted to having cannabis and MDMA (better known as Molly) in the car and were taken to the Banks County jail (about an hour and 15 minutes northeast of Atlanta), where they are expected to be released on bond later tonight.

Scott was charged with one count of felony marijuana possession and one count of possession of a Schedule I controlled substance. Upon conviction, the former charge carries anywhere from one to 10 years in prison, and the latter from two to 15.

Neither the Hawks nor the Virginia basketball program have released a statement on Scott's arrest as of this writing.