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Following loss to Florida State, Virginia's Tony Bennett only took UVA questions

The Virginia head coach has not suffered a 2-3 start in the ACC since his second year in Charlottesville, in 2010-2011.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Following Virginia's 69-62 loss to Florida State on Sunday night, this peculiar tweet came out during the post-game press conference from Florida State beat writer Ira Schoffel, managing editor at

When asked to provide some context for the tweet, Schoffel offered:

In this case, Virginia's Sports Information Director, or SID, would be Erich Bacher.

It wouldn't be entirely unheard of for a school's coach and media relations staff, even on the road, to favor their own school's beat writers, and there certainly isn't any actual evidence that this is Virginia's strategy in the case of a loss, or that this is anything more than a coincidence.

If there is something behind these tweets and that Bennett and Virginia's SID intentionally ignored FSU reporters after the loss, this would be seemingly uncharacteristic of Bennett, who to date has handled himself well with the media, whether it be Virginia beat writers or those of opposing teams.

With Sunday night's loss to Florida State, the Hoos are 2-3 in the ACC. Virginia hasn't had three conference losses since the 2012-2013 season, and has not had a 2-3 conference start since Bennett's second season at Virginia, in 2010-2011.

Update 11:32 p.m.: Wahoos247 reached out to Bacher for comment on the tweets, to which he replied via email, "Sure. The [home team] media didn't have any questions for Coach Bennett."