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Jon Rothstein's erroneous tweet that Wake Forest beat Virginia

Don't count us out just yet! --Tony Bennett, probably

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

CBS Sports's Jon Rothstein is usually a pretty big fan of Virginia Basketball. Following every Virginia win, Rothstein offers this insightful little tidbit:

Same thing a couple nights ago when Virginia beat Syracuse.

Remember when Virginia beat Clemson? Yep. Same thing.

Really. Every time. I think you get the point.

But for a brief moment on Tuesday night, Rothstein lost the faith. He lost his way. Virginia, down the entire second half, oftentimes by two or three possessions, looked to be ready to drop their fourth straight road game against an unranked opponent.

Jon Rothstein decided he didn't need to see the final four seconds of the game, and threw out this tweet, which was subsequently deleted.

Oops! That's alright, Jon. We've all been there. Gotta beat the rest of the world to that first tweet, amirite??