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ESPN's Rece Davis challenges Virginia crowd to be Gameday's best (again)

"When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to support the Cavaliers, I know the fine student body will flock from all corners of the Grounds. Perhaps, they will streak the lawn."

ESPN's Rece Davis showed off his knowledge of UVA lingo and challenged Wahoo fans to be the "Gameday Crowd of the Year"...for the second season in a row in this video posted on ESPN:

Gameday came to JPJ last season, and it was lot's of fun. The crowd was hugeThe signs were great. And UVA student Tyler Lewis hit a half-court shot to win $18,000, sending the crowd into a fury and Jay Williams chasing him around the court.

Matching the atmosphere will be difficult, though a better result in the game itself would help.  As Davis noted, "the challenge is out":