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Virginia Cavaliers Basketball triggers Pack Line Pledge with easy win over Boston College

It's just the third time this season that the Hoos have triggered the Pack Line Pledge, but that's back-to-back ACC games!

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

For two consecutive games, it's time to make the Pack Line Pledge and make a donation to the One Love Foundation!

Virginia took care of business against pitiful Boston College, who fell to 0-9 in the conference, losing by double digits in...all nine games. The Hoos easily dispatched the Eagles, 61-47, which means that, for the third time this season, the Virginia Cavaliers were able to hold their opponent to under 50 points, triggering a #PackLinePledge payment for all of us!

It's been a slow start to the Pack Line Pledge this year as a result of the decreased shot clock and increase foul calls, but we haven't forgotten! Many of you have suggested that we lower the threshold to 55, but we don't want to change the terms on you guys partway through the year! Of course, if you want pay for under-55, then this is the seventh time this year. Otherwise, just the third.

Here is the current list of dedicated Pack Line Pledgers -- it's not too late to add your name to this list. Just fill out the form that follows this chart. As a reminder, we're giving away at least two prizes this year! One team poster signed by Tony Bennett will go to the person who pledges the highest amount AND fulfills the pledge by the end of the season (random drawing between those who are tied). Another team poster signed by Coach Bennett will go to a randomly-selected person who fulfills the pledge at the end of the season. Commit today by signing the form after the chart, but don't forget to actually give money using the widget above! Crowdrise requires a minimum donation of $10, so if you're pledging less than that, you'll want to save up until there have been enough games to push you over.

Display Name Pledge Amount
82 Wahoo $10.00
Anks89 $5.00
Ann Marie $10.00
Billyboyluck $5.00
Brendan and Laura Kerr $20.00
Brendan Davies $10.00
Brian Leung $20.00
Brian S $3.00
Brian Wohlert $10.00
cavfan108 $3.00
Cavsskins919 $10.00
Chris Williams $3.00
cuvahoya $15.00
Daanth930 $5.00
Dana Marie Buchanan $10.00
danhodes $9.00
Dave & Dawn Snow $20.00
DDS CLAS85 $10.00
dgcesq $10.00
ezsweezy $10.00
HCH $5.00
jjc129 $20.00
Joe $10.00
jrh2my $5.00
JWahooJ $5.00
Kevin $5.00
knm79 $1.00
Lauren Parker $5.00
Lucy & Jacque $10.00
Mark Tinsman $10.00
Matthew Foy $2.00
Max $10.00
MBaker $50.00
Mom2KidsDog $5.00
MrsCav $5.00
OutOfStateHoo $5.00
Paul Wiley $10.00
Rangledrab $13.00
rcahearn $10.00
Robbie $10.00
Ryan Bulaclac $25.00
Ryan Reese $5.00
S. C. James $5.00
Sbhagy $2.00
Sean $5.00
Shannon $10.00
Sherri N $10.00
Socalwahoo $25.00
Taylor-17 $5.00
The Kerr Family $20.00
The Milvaney Family $25.00
The Sports Gal Pal $10.00
The_Superhoo $10.00
Tiki $20.00
uvabarb1 $20.00
UVaKareBear $10.00
Will Campbell $2.00
wmquorg9 $25.00

Haven't signed up yet? Register below to qualify for prizes! Remember though, to actually give, you'll need to use the widget at the top of this post.