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NCAA Bracket 2016: Download your printable March Madness bracket here

Because sometimes, you can't wait an extra hour for the completed brackets to come out.

Selection Sunday is finally upon us. Though Saturday night's ACC Tournament Championship game didn't turn out exactly how Hoos fans had hoped, there's still a good chance that Virginia will be a No. 1 seed.

We've come a long way, Virginia fans, that we're now spending Selection Sunday wondering whether Virginia will receive a 1 seed, or whether they'll be spitefully paired up with Michigan State in a region, or whether the Hoos will be sent out West or not. Consider thinking about that for a minute.

Part of the fun of Selection Sunday is not just that it's the kickoff of the three greatest weeks of any sport, but actually watching the selection committee reveal their choices one by one, and filling in your bracket so that the analysis can begin. To that end, we've provided you with blank brackets to complete!

Here's the blank bracket, with the printable PDF to follow below.

Blank NCAA Bracket 2016 STL

Printable 2016 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Bracket (Blank).