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Celebrate the Virginia Cavaliers with STL's Fear the Shot Clock T-Shirts

Time to get outfitted with the latest and greatest STL gear!

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Another year, another impressive display of defensive prowess by the Virginia Cavaliers. No fan base in the country gets more hyped when the shot clock reached the 10-second mark, and if you hear that buzzer go off, chaos breaks loose at John Paul Jones Arena.

Which is why we're coming out with the latest and greatest that you can buy through Streaking the Lawn:

Fear the Shot Clock

Every shirt that you buy through our link directly benefits the STL community. Remember, at the end of every year, we donate all of our proceeds to a local charity of interest to the University and Charlottesville communities (this year we donated to the Sexual Assault Resource Agency).

The shirts themselves are $24.00. The shirts generally run a slimmer, more athletic fit, so we encourage you to size up if you're unsure. You can get FREE SHIPPING just by sharing! Here's how:

Step 1: Take a picture of you (and any of your crew) in your new FEAR THE SHOT CLOCK shirt.

Step 2: Share it on Twitter and mention us @TheUVAFool and @breakingtco.

Step 3: Send Breaking T an email with your tweet and order number, and they'll refund your shipping!

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