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2016 NBA Combine Measurements, Results: Watch Malcolm Brogdon talk about himself and Virginia

The 2016 NBA Combine is officially underway, and Virginia's Malcolm Brogdon is looking to improve his Draft stock!

The 2016 NBA Combine is officially underway. Virginia's Malcolm Brogdon checks in with a standing reach of 8' 2", a wingspan of 6' 10.5", and a shoeless height of 6' 3.75". Right now he's 223 pounds with 5.40% body fat and a hand width of 10.25 inches.

Brogdon is a rare breed. In a college basketball world of Duke's and Kentucky's one-and-dones, Brogdon has completed four full years of eligibility. Brogdon tells CampusInsiders just why this is valuable -- the team that gets him gets maturity and someone who knows his role and knows where he fits within a system.

When asked how he feels about being the critical piece to having put Virginia back on the map, Brogdon said, "It's awesome to even here those words come out of your mouth," but credits Virginia head coach Tony Bennett, his recruiting style, and the demands that Bennett puts on the teams.

Watch the video below to see who Brogdon says is his favorite college teammate, and what Virginia's identity is going forward.