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Let's close out the 2015-2016 Pack Line Pledge

Virginia basketball's season came to an end in March, which means it's well past time to fulfill your pledge amount to the One Love Foundation.

We think we've reached a point now where we're able to talk about the end of the 2015-2016 men's basketball season without going through the entire 12-stage cycle of grief. The changes to the college basketball rules -- the shorter shot clock, the freedom of movement foul calls, etc. -- made it more difficult for the team to meet the Pack Line Pledge challenge, but many of you stepped up to the plate by changing the rules of the pledge.

The entirety of your Pack Line Pledge donations goes to the One Love Foundation and is tax deductible.

For those of you who stuck with the original plan of making a donation for each time the team held an opponent to under 50 points, that total came out to six games total.

For those of you who took the pledge and bumped it to the next level, donating each time the team held an opponent to under 55 points to take into account the new rules, that number came out to 13 games total.

Remember, to be eligible of one of two 2015-2016 Virginia Basketball team posters autographed by Tony Bennett, you'll need to pay the full amount of your pledge! One will go to the person who pledged the largest amount and fulfilled the pledge for all the eligible games. (In the event of a tie, we'll randomly select someone.) The other will go to a randomly-selected person who fulfilled the pledge for all of the eligible games. For these purposes, six is the official count we're using. You have until May 6 to complete your pledge payments.

Fundraising Websites - Crowdrise

In case you don't remember how much you pledged, here's the list:

Display Name Pledge Amount
82 Wahoo $10.00
AMS $5.00
Anks89 $5.00
Ann Marie $10.00
AshleighEE $10.00
Billyboyluck $5.00
Brendan and Laura Kerr $20.00
Brendan Davies $10.00
Brian Leung $20.00
Brian S $3.00
Brian Wohlert $10.00
cavfan108 $3.00
Cavsskins919 $10.00
Chris Williams $3.00
cuvahoya $15.00
Daanth930 $5.00
Dana Marie Buchanan $10.00
danhodes $9.00
Dave & Dawn Snow $20.00
davidwoods $5.00
DDS CLAS85 $10.00
dgcesq $10.00
ezsweezy $10.00
Greg Jarit $10.00
HCH $5.00
Hot Rod $5.00
jjc129 $20.00
Joe $10.00
jrh2my $5.00
jsdunn11 $5.00
JWahooJ $5.00
Kevin $5.00
knm79 $1.00
Lauren Parker $5.00
Lucy & Jacque $10.00
Mark Tinsman $10.00
Matthew Foy $2.00
Max $10.00
MBaker $50.00
Mom2KidsDog $5.00
MrsCav $5.00
N_Gorski $10.00
OutOfStateHoo $5.00
Paul Wiley $10.00
Rangledrab $13.00
rcahearn $10.00
Robbie $10.00
Ryan Bulaclac $25.00
Ryan Reese $5.00
S. C. James $5.00
Sbhagy $2.00
Sean $5.00
Shannon $10.00
Sherri N $10.00
Socalwahoo $25.00
Taylor-17 $5.00
The Kerr Family $20.00
The Milvaney Family $25.00
The Sports Gal Pal $10.00
The_Superhoo $10.00
Tiki $20.00
uvabarb1 $20.00
UVaKareBear $10.00
WA-JEW-WA $15.00
Will Campbell $2.00
wmquorg9 $25.00