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NBA Draft 2016: Where do recent mock drafts project Malcolm Brogdon to be picked?

Where do experts project Malcolm Brogdon to be drafted?

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Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Last week the NBA held their draft lottery and determined the order of the top 14 picks. While Malcolm Brogdon is not projected to be a lottery pick, NBA draft experts released a whole new round of mock drafts. Below is a summary of where the former UVA star is now projected to be drafted in the June 23rd draft.

Mock Draft Round Pick Team
SB Nation 1 25 Clippers
Fan Sided 1 27 Raptors
Bleacher Report - Gould 1 28 Suns
The Big Lead 1 29 Spurs
Bleacher Report - Conway 1 29 Spurs
Chicago Now 1 29 Spurs
Sports Illustrated 1 29 Spurs
CBS Sports 1 30 Warriors
USA Today 1 30 Warriors
DraftExpress 2 41 Magic
The Sports Bank 2 41 Magic
NBA Draft Room 2 51 Celtics

Note: Five other recent mock drafts were not included (ESPN, Fox Sports, etc) because they did not include a second round.