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No, DeAndre Hunter's brother doesn't think he should transfer

A Facebook post from DeAndre Hunter’s brother lit up the message boards Saturday night.

Quick on the heels of the Virginia Cavaliers80-60 victory over the Davidson Wildcats on Saturday afternoon, DeAndre Hunter’s brother Aaron posted—and then deleted—a public message on Facebook that drew panicked attention from many UVA fans.

In response to a comment on the post, Aaron followed up with, “If it was ever a time I needed him to listen to me, it’s now.”

We spoke with Aaron Hunter to get some context behind the post. Aaron’s immediate reply? “I hope he stays a Cavalier.”

“It was my frustration, mostly about him not playing as well as I think he can and not playing up to his full potential,” Aaron explained. “I wrote the post and tagged him in it as much to light a fire as anything else.”

Aaron expressed regret that his words had been misinterpreted. “None of what I feel is what he’s feeling. I talked to him tonight. He wants to continue playing and continue his career at Virginia.”

Hunter has appeared in each of UVA’s ten games so far in 2017. He set a career high in minutes and points on November 19th against Monmouth, scoring 23 points on 70% shooting from the floor (including 7-for-7 on two-point shots). In addition to the Monmouth game, Hunter has logged more than 15 minutes of action in four games.

In Saturday’s win, Hunter appeared for seven minutes, scoring two points and shooting 33% from the floor.

DeAndre Hunter came to Virginia as a four-star shooting guard out of Friends’ Central in Philadelphia. He was rated a top-100 prospect nationally by 247 Sports, Rivals, and ESPN, and was the final player to commit in what is Tony Bennett’s highest-rated recruiting class to date.