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2017 ACC Tournament Bracket Update following Sunday night’s games

The season doesn’t end today, but here’s what the bracket looks like if it did.

NCAA Basketball: Virginia at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

After Sunday night’s games, there is now a three-way tie for second in the ACC, but that doesn’t change any of the seeding. What does change, though, is that due to Syracuse’s loss to Louisville, Virginia jumps from #9 to #7, the Hokies move down to #8, and Syracuse drops to #9.

This places Virginia in the friendlier half of the ACC Tournament bracket -- away from Carolina and Duke — but the Hoos would face Florida State in the quarterfinals, a team Virginia lost to early in the season.

Here’s the full bracket as it stands following Sunday night’s games:

North Carolina continues to be the top seed. Nothing will change this. But with Sunday’s games, there is now a three-way tie for second, between Florida State, Louisville, and Notre Dame. Among the three, FSU and Notre Dame are each 2-1 against the rest of the group, while Louisville is 0-2. This means Louisville will get the #4 seed.

As between FSU and Notre Dame, they split their meeting, and they both went 0-1 against UNC, and 1-0 against Louisville. Then you look at each team’s record against the next team down, which in this case is a tie between Duke and Miami, at 10-6 each. FSU went 2-0 against those two teams, while Notre Dame went 1-1, so FSU gets the #2 seed, while Notre Dame gets the #3 seed.

Duke and Miami split their regular season meetings, and they both beat North Carolina. So looking at their combined record against the tied block of FSU, Notre Dame and Louisville, Duke went 1-2, while Miami went 1-4. That gives Duke the better win percentage (.333 vs. .200), so Duke gets the #5 seed and Miami gets the #6 seed.

Virginia and Virginia Tech are tied at 9-7 and split their regular season meeting. Both teams went winless against North Carolina. Against the FSU/ND/Louisville block, UVA went 3-1, while Virginia Tech went 0-3, so the Hoos get the #7 seed, while the Hokies get the #8.

Syracuse stands alone at #9. Wake Forest beat GT, each 7-9, in their regular season matchup, so Wake is #10 and GT is #11.

Clemson owns the tiebreak over Pitt, each at 4-12, so Clemson is #12 while Pitt is #13. NC State stays at #14 and BC brings up the rear with the #15 seed.