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Justin Anderson breaks the backboard at Tony Bennett’s house

We choose to believe it was actually Coach Bennett.

Belmont v Virginia Photo by Bob Leverone/Getty Images

Regardless of the fact that he no longer calls John Paul Jones Arena his basketball home, former Virginia Cavaliers star Justin Anderson is still throwing it down in Charlottesville.

According to a post on the project crowdsourcing site Moonlighting, the Bennetts are looking for someone to fix a broken backboard. We assume this comes from the actual Laurel Bennett, wife of Virginia head coach Tony Bennett, but we have no way to confirm (plus, we’re not in the business of shattering dreams).

Encouraging, perhaps, if you’re a fan of the Philadelphia 76ers (if so, bless your heart). According to the Twitter account @Laurelbennett25 who, again, we are making the fairly reasonable assumption is actually the coach’s wife, Justin Anderson was the one who broke the hoop at the Bennetts’ house.

Our initial guess was that it was actually Coach Bennett. After all, the recruiting trail has not been kind to him as of late, and what better way to let out some frustration than by physically destroying things in your backyard? (Joking, kids — don’t break stuff.)

But we were wrong.