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Virginia notches another Pack Line Pledge game with win over Georgia Tech

This ties last season’s high of 17 Pack Line Pledge games!

It was harder than it should be, but in clinching the #1 seed of the ACC Tournament on Wednesday night, the Virginia Cavaliers notched their 17th Pack Line Pledge game of the season with a 65-54 win over Georgia Tech! This ties the record set last year of 17 games in a season, and just looking at the games to come, there are still plenty more opportunities to get a few more to benefit the One Love Foundation. Make your payment now!

You can use the little CrowdRise widget to make your donation, which is tax deductible as the money goes straight to the One Love Foundation.

For those of you who don’t remember, for ever Pack Line Pledge game -- that is, for every game that the Cavaliers hold their opponents to under 55 — Pack Line Pledge participants will donate a set amount to the One Love Foundation in honor of Yeardley Love. The better the Hoos’ defense over the course of the year, the more money gets donated towards raising awareness of relationship violence.

Make your donation above. It’s also not too late to participate! Remember that no amount is too small — even pledging just $2 or $5 per game will make a difference. If CrowdRise has a minimum donation amount, just hold on to your gifts until you reach the minimum, or until the end of the season.