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Celebrate the Conference Championship with new fan t-shirts!

You know what? It’s NOT boring. It’s a championship.

Support STL with these awesome fan shirts!

Your Virginia Cavaliers are the ACC Tournament champions, and we’re celebrating that with MORE Streaking the Lawn FAN SHIRTS! Commemorate the victory and continue cheering on the good guys with these brand new shirts! Remember, each shirt you buy helps out Streaking the Lawn, so buy them early and often!

Virginia basketball isn’t boring. You want to know why? Because hanging banners in the rafters is simply not boring!

As Dave Koehn so eloquently put it, “the blue collar Hoos take down the blue blood Heels” in Brooklyn to win the ACC CHAMPIONSHIP! CHAMPIONSHIP!

Support STL by buying of these conference tournament champions shirts! Each shirt directly supports STL, and if you share this affiliate link ( with your friends, it’ll keep the love going.

Go ahead and buy your shirt today!

The shirts are not official and they’re not endorsed by the University of Virginia or Virginia Sports Properties. These are just STL fan shirts, made by and for the fans.

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