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Fan t-shirts to commemorate those incredible 0.9 seconds!

Support Streaking the Lawn by buying these STL fan shirts

Support STL with this awesome shirt!

When you’re down four points with 0.9 seconds to go, DON’T EVEN STRESS IT. Who saw it coming last night when the good guys completed the comeback with less than a second to go. We’ve certainly had coverage all over the site today but why let the memory fade when you can REMEMBER IT AND LIVE IT FOREVER??

Down four points.

Fouled on a three-point shot with 0.9 seconds to go.

Sink two. Intentionally miss the third.

Called for lane violation. Opponent gets the ball.

An inbounding violation gets the ball back.

One clean pass. One clean shot.


Commemorate this incredible moment with these awesome fan shirts, because a lot can happen in 0.9 seconds.

Buy it here.

Support STL by buying this fan shirt to commemorate this incredible series!

Buy this and the rest of the Charlottesville Collection with those affiliate links to support STL, who will receive a small portion of each sale. Thank you!

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