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Watch: CavMan, ACC Mascots invade Jimmy Fallon and New York Stock Exchange

Those rascally mascots are back at it!


The ACC Tournament is well under way (Sort of...does Pitt still count, or have relegation rules not kicked in yet?) in Brooklyn, which means fans and teams of the greatest basketball conference in the history of ever have taken over New York. What it also means is that the mascots of the ACC teams have also invaded the city.

Mascots sightings have taken place all across Manhattan, including at the New York Stock Exchange trading floor.

ACC Mascots are on the rise in NYC #NewYorkStockExchange #ACCTourney

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They also made a guest appearance—albeit possibly unwanted—on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, interrupting his intro monologue to showcase some of their dance moves.

You can watch the full video here:

Poor Pitt can’t even go on the Tonight Show without getting shamed. Who’s got the sweetest moves? Who forgot to tell Buzz that this was a family show? For shame.