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Pack Line T-Shirts: Because it’s March and this is a thing of beauty!

Because DEFENSE wins championships, and the Pack Line D is the best there is!

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The Pack Line: A thing of Beauty. Buy these shirts today!

Just in time for March Madness, we’re revealing the latest in our line of fan shirts to celebrate the Virginia Cavaliers and that unparalleled defense! With the Hoos’ run to the No. 1 spot in the AP poll, everyone in the country can finally come to love and respect the pack line defense, because after all, it’s a thing of beauty.

No one in the country does runs defense better than in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Pack Line is a thing of beauty -- it leads to turnovers, rushed shots, and everyone’s favorite, the shot clock violation. They say defense wins championships, so now is the time to put it to the test. Rock these shirts so that your friends and fellow fans and alumni will know exactly who you’re rooting for, all while supporting Streaking the Lawn.

Use and share this affiliate link so that STL can get an extra buck or two:

These ship with Amazon Prime, which means it won’t take terribly long at all for Amazon to print and send them straight to your hands once you order!

Here’s a close-up. This comes in heather gray or orange.

A close up of The Pack Line shirt.

You can also continue to buy our 0.9 Seconds, Defense Lives Here, and Not Boring shirts by shopping the Charlottesville Collection over at BreakingT.