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Unicorn Watch: Jay Huff is (not so secretly) a dunking machine

Is it time to release the unicorn?

NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at Virginia Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

During Tuesday night’s broadcast of the Virginia Cavaliers absolutely crushing the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, one commentator said that Jay Huff “has improved since the start of ACC play.”

The response from the other?

“He’s improved since the start of this GAME!”

It’s certainly true — you’ve seen it with your own eyes, and the Virginia faithful have been screaming for weeks...years? that it’s time to let Jay Huff blossom.

OK, so that’s really just one fan a ton of times. But to be fair, it’s not just our overzealous Will Campbell. The message boards are lighting up, too.

When Jay Huff is in the game, the entire dynamic changes, and we’ll have more on that here on STL later.

But meanwhile, for your enjoyment today, here are NINE times that Huff has dunked on the rest of the ACC. Enjoy!