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Pack Line Pledge #13: Virginia Survives Notre Dame Scare

Plus, the women held Duke to under-55 last week!

The Virginia Cavaliers notched their 13th Pack Line Pledge win of the season by holding off a frustrating Notre Dame Fighting Irish squad on Saturday at John Paul Jones Arena, 60-54. To date, 48 of you have made the Pack Line Pledge, for a total of $495.11 per game that the Hoos hold their opponents to under 55. Pair that along with the twelve of you who have made the same pledge on the women’s side as well (four games), the 30 of you who are making the payment when opponents hit 55 on the button ($312.11 per game, one time so far), and the 24 of you who have pledged to pay an extra dollar per point under 50, and we’re looking at a grand total of $9,480.87 that should have been raised for the One Love Foundation so far.

Some of you are waiting until the end of the season to pay all at once, and others are sending in a physical check to the One Love Foundation instead of using the widget, and that’s totally cool. For everyone else, don’t forget to get out those credit cards and make your donation!

Not sure how much you’ve paid to date? Here are a couple ways to check:

  1. From your email, search for emails from “,” likely with a subject line of “Thanks So Much for Donating”. That’s your tax receipt and will have the amount you donated each time.
  2. Email us ( and let us know what email address you’re using to donate on Crowdrise. We’ll run that report for you, with the caveat that if you used different email addresses each time you donate, we won’t know that unless you tell us.

Forgot how much you pledged? Scroll to the bottom of this post. You can use the little CrowdRise widget to make your donation, which is tax deductible as the money goes straight to the One Love Foundation.

For those of you who don’t remember, for ever Pack Line Pledge game — that is, for every game that the Cavaliers hold their opponents to under 55 — Pack Line Pledge participants will donate a set amount to the One Love Foundation in honor of Yeardley Love. The better the Hoos’ defense over the course of the year, the more money gets donated towards raising awareness of relationship violence.

Make your donation above. It’s also not too late to participate! Remember that no amount is too small — even pledging just $2 or $5 per game will make a difference. If CrowdRise has a minimum donation amount, just hold on to your gifts until you reach the minimum, or until the end of the season.

Here’s what this season’s Pack Line Pledge count looks like so far:

2018-2019 Pack Line Pledge Tracker

Date Opponent Final Score Pack Line Pledge WBB Bonus Rounding Bonus Double Down Bonus Extra Credit Bonus
Date Opponent Final Score Pack Line Pledge WBB Bonus Rounding Bonus Double Down Bonus Extra Credit Bonus
11/6 Towson W 73-42 Yes $8
11/16 Coppin State W 97-40 Yes $10
11/21 Middle Tennessee W 74-52 Yes
11/24 Wisconsin W 53-46 Yes $4
12/2 Coppin State W 55-41 Yes
12/3 Morgan State W 83-45 Yes $5
12/5 American W 57-54 Yes
12/9 VCU W 57-49 Yes $1
12/19 South Carolina W 69-52 Yes
12/22 William & Mary W 72-40 Yes $10
1/5 Florida State W 65-52 Yes
1/12 Clemson W 63-43 Yes $7
1/22 Wake Forest W 68-45 Yes $5
1/26 Notre Dame W 82-55 Yes
1/27 Wake Forest L 42-52 Yes
2/2 Miami W 56-46 Yes $4
2/10 Duke W 53-47 Yes
2/16 Notre Dame W 60-54 Yes
2/24 Louisville W 64-52 Yes
2/24 Georgia Tech W 53-45 Yes
2/27 Georgia Tech W 81-51 Yes
3/2 Pitt W 73-49 Yes $1
3/4 Syracuse W 79-53 Yes
3/24 Oklahoma W 63-51 Yes Yes
3/28 Oregon W 53-49 Yes Yes $1
TOTAL 19 5 1 2 $56
WBB Bonus: Each time the women hold one of their opponents to under 55, you make your donation! Last year, nine opponents failed to reach 55. Rounding Bonus: Is holding an opponent to 55 really any less impressive than under 55? Let’s consider it a rounding error and make our donations nonetheless. Double Down Bonus: We’re talkin’ bout the postseason! If the team holds an opponent to under 55 during either the ACC Tournament or the NCAA Tournament, double your donation! Extra Credit Bonus: When the team goes above and beyond, so do you! Pay an extra buck for each point when an opponent can’t even reach 50. Held to 48 points? Add two bucks to your donation.

And thanks to all of these fine folks who have already pledged their commitment to this year’s fundraiser.

2018-2019 Pack Line Pledge Participants

Your Display Name Pledged Amount WBB Bonus Rounding Bonus Double Down Bonus Extra Credit Bonus Total Due
Your Display Name Pledged Amount WBB Bonus Rounding Bonus Double Down Bonus Extra Credit Bonus Total Due
290Hoos $5.00 $95.00
Allen $10.00 YES YES YES YES $346.00
BLT $5.00 YES YES $140.00
Brian Jordan $20.00 YES YES YES $536.00
Brian Leung $20.00 YES $400.00
Carrie Brown $5.00 YES YES YES $176.00
Cavalier Commenter 96 $5.00 YES YES YES YES $201.00
Cavann49 $5.00 YES $100.00
culpepper $5.00 $95.00
Dave S. $10.00 YES $246.00
dbhodes $6.00 YES $138.00
Elias $5.00 YES YES $156.00
ezsweezy $10.00 YES $200.00
Fozzie $5.00 YES YES YES $196.00
George K $10.00 YES YES YES $296.00
JandM are NC HOOS $5.00 $95.00
Jen Stamey $20.00 YES YES YES YES $636.00
JonesM14 $5.00 $95.00
jrh2my $5.00 YES YES $120.00 $1.00 $19.00
Kathy $5.00 YES YES YES YES $201.00
KBBYRNE $2.00 YES YES $48.00
Kevin $10.00 $190.00
Kevin and Megan Hoffman $6.00 $114.00
LaheyHoos $20.00 YES YES YES YES $636.00
lrb527 $5.00 YES YES YES $176.00
MegM $5.00 YES YES $140.00
Menace $10.00 YES YES YES $296.00
Mongo $15.00 YES YES YES YES $491.00
Oahuwahoo $50.00 $950.00
OutOfStateHoo $5.00 YES YES YES $176.00
Peter Huminski $10.00 YES $230.00
Philly Hoo $5.00 YES YES YES $176.00
Rachel $10.00 YES YES YES $296.00
rcahearn $10.00 YES YES YES $296.00
sandrid $5.00 YES YES $120.00
Sandy Foote $25.00 YES $575.00
scjames $10.00 YES YES $286.00
Sean P $10.00 YES YES YES YES $346.00
StevenLJohnson $5.00 YES YES YES $145.00
The Heisels! $10.00 YES YES $240.00
The Jellyman $5.00 $95.00
The Milvaney Family $25.00 YES YES $556.00
The_Superhoo $20.00 YES $400.00
Tiffany Simons $10.00 YES YES $240.00
Tiki $20.00 YES YES YES YES $636.00
universityball $5.11 YES $102.20
UVaKareBear $10.00 YES YES YES $296.00
weed $10.00 YES $246.00
wjackalope $2.00 YES YES $48.00
0 0 0 0 $13,033.20