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Have later tip-off times historically affected Virginia Basketball?

This will be the 12th time in the past five years that the Hoos have tipped off after 9:00 PM.

Oklahoma v Virginia Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

When the Sweet Sixteen game times were announced, much consternation was felt throughout the Virginia Cavaliers’ fanbase.

Yes, the Hoos were given the latest tip on Thursday. Even though there are two games taking place on the West Coast in the Pacific time zone and UVa is playing in Louisville, which is still in the Eastern time zone, UVa got the latest tip; scheduled for basically 10:00 PM.

Virginia being the No. 1 seed in the region, many were expecting that the tip-time-setters should have rewarded the Hoos with the 7:00 PM tip, although some understood since UVa is playing the Oregon Ducks, having a later tip time would allow more Oregon fans to watch. (Yes, you can be loud, angry, and #madonline that you don’t care about them. We ALL hear you.)

So, being the capital-J Journalists that we are here at STL, we decided to look and see whether or not UVa has had any trouble in these late night tips in the past.

Not to spoil anything, but no, they haven’t.

Late Night Tip Times

Year Opponent Tip Time Result Notes
Year Opponent Tip Time Result Notes
2018-19 Mid. Tennessee 9:30 W 74-52 Bahamas Tournament
2017-18 UMBC 9:33 L 54-74 NCAAT
2016-17 California 10:00 W 56-52 at Berkeley
Pitt 9:49 W 75-63 ACCT
Notre Dame 9:45 L 58-71 ACCT
2015-16 Bradley 9:30 W 82-57 Charleston Tournament
Long Beach State 9:30 W 87-52 Charleston Tournament
George Mason 9:30 W 83-66 Charleston Tournament
2014-15 La Salle 9:30 W 64-56 Brooklyn Tournament
Rutgers 9:30 W 45-26 Brooklyn Tournament
Maryland 9:15 W 76-65 at College Park

So over the last five seasons (including this year), the Hoos are 9-2 in games that have started after 9:00 (eastern time), although one could argue that the biggest game of those 11 was the game which shall not be further discussed.

California and Long Beach State are the only two West Coast teams on that schedule, but UVa was able to beat both, with the Cal game coming at Berkeley, rather than on a neutral site.

Point of the matter is the game has to be played. Whether at 7 or 10, the Hoos will tip it up as the favorite, the One Seed, and play a Twelve Seed in an arena they only know how to win in.