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WEAR THE MOMENT: Virginia with the Miracle Play over Purdue

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There’s 5.9 seconds to go and the Virginia Cavaliers are down three, but shooting free throws. What do they do? Well they’re playing in Louisville, where a lot can happen in a very little amount of time, so you know there’s a little bit of magic to happen.

Ty Jerome hits the first of his free throws. The second draws iron on the front rim, but Mamadi Diakite is there to tip the ball three quarters of the way into the backcourt, where Kihei Clark is there. Time is ticking, but Clark—a freshman—is cool as a cucumber.

Clark has the wherewithal to grab the rebound, turn around, and look up the court. Both Jerome and Kyle Guy are open and calling for the ball, but Clark passes up on both of them, instead finding Diakite back on the other side. A sharp pass, a pull-up jumper, and a teardrop sends the game into overtime at the buzzer.

The tip.

The pass.

The shot.

THE PLAY was impossible to draw up, but the Hoos had a little bit of magic left up their sleeves.

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