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NEW T-SHIRTS: Joy Comes in the Morning

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Words from the classiest coach, wake up, Hoos — it’s morning!

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“Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning.”

These were the words that Virginia Cavaliers head coach shared to his team in 2016, after the Hoos gave up a double-digit lead late in the second half to Syracuse in the Elite 8 to miss what seemed like their best shot to reach the Final Four.

Fast forward two years, the weeping endured as Virginia suffered perhaps the greatest upset in college basketball (sports?) history.

But now it’s 2019, and it’s morning. And for everyone in Charlottesville—either physically or emotionally—joy has finally come.

Winning of the 2019 Men’s Basketball National Championship gave Virginia all the joy it could have possibly imagined on the court. They did so in dramatic fashion.

And now you too can remind that world that for Virginia, joy has finally come! Buy your celebration shirts today!

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