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Washington Post prematurely declares Auburn winners over Virginia

Someone got a little trigger happy.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Semifinals-Virginia vs Auburn Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

When the Virginia Cavaliers advances past the Auburn Tigers to the NCAA Men’s Basketball national championship title game on Saturday night, they needed every last second and parts of seconds to get it done. Unfortunately, in a blogger world of racing to be the first to publish in order grab those clicks, the Washington Post jumped the gun on their postgame recap.

Down two points with under two seconds, the Hoos’ title hopes seemed to be coming to a crashing halt. Guy took an almost desperation three in the corner with 0.6 seconds in the game, one that looked errant from the beginning. The Auburn crowd went wild as the shot went off the mark, with the win seemingly in the bag.

The Washington Post thought the same as they fired the publish button themselves.

The quick trigger publish worked as the article nailed the SEO robots. Unfortunately, the title ““NCAA Latest: Auburn dances past Virginia into title game” screams “Dewey defeats Truman.”

No harm, no foul, unless you’re Auburn in which case there was definitely a foul and you should never foul Kyle Guy, especially on a three.