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We’re back with the 2021-2022 Pack Line Pledge campaign!

Make your commitment to the campaign today!

We’re coming at you a little late this year, but what better day than today, on Giving Tuesday, to announce the return of the Pack Line Pledge campaign, now in its eighth year.

By now, you probably know what the Pack Line Pledge is. Each time the Virginia Cavaliers hold an opponent to under 55 points, you’ll donate $____ to the One Love Foundation. You decide how much that amount is — it could be $5.00, it could be $50.00. The tighter Virginia’s defense, the more money you’ll donate.

We’ve raised over $53,000 for the One Love Foundation through the annual Pack Line Pledge campaign, and we’re counting on you once again this year. If you’re new around here and don’t know what the One Love Foundation is:

The One Love Foundation was founded following the tragic events in 2010, when Virginia women’s lacrosse player Yeardley Love was murdered by her boyfriend George Huguely, a member of the Virginia men’s lacrosse team. The organization works to raise awareness about the early warning signs of relationship abuse and to activate communities to change the statistics surrounding relationship violence. Today, according to One Love Foundation, one in three women, and one in four men, will experience relationship violence in their lifetime.

In addition to the standard donation per Pack Line Pledge game, we added a few optional bonus opportunities for those of you looking for a fun way to get some more money into One Love Foundation’s mission:

  • Women’s Basketball. Each time the women hold one of their opponents to under 55, you make your donation! Last year, four opponents failed to reach 55.
  • Rounding errors. Is holding an opponent to 55 really any less impressive than under 55? Let’s consider it a rounding error and make our donations nonetheless.
  • Double down. We’re talkin’ bout the postseason! If the team holds an opponent to under 55 during either the ACC Tournament or the NCAA Tournament, double your donation!
  • Extra credit. When the team goes above and beyond, so do you! Pay an extra buck for each point when an opponent can’t even reach 50. Held to 48 points? Add two bucks to your donation.

Each time the pledge is triggered, we’ll shoot you an email and publish an article here to make it easy for you to donate.

To date so far this season...

..there have already been four Pack Line Pledge games, plus one Rounding Error game. The Virginia women have also notched one Pack Line Pledge game.

Ready to pledge? Make your pledge below, but check in after each successful pack line pledge game to officially make your donation! (Click here if the below is not displaying.)