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Virginia Football Recruiting: Kareem Gibson Signs with UVa

Kareem Gibson is a CB with good instincts who needs to bulk up and hopefully get faster.

Profile: Kareem Gibson

High School: Greater Johnstown (Johnston, Pa.)

Height/weight: 5-11, 161

Ranking: Rivals 2*, ESPN 3*, 247 3*

Additional offers: Akron, Pitt, Temple, Toledo

The skinny:

The Hoos are set to lose 3 of their top CBs (Nicholson, Canady and Divante Walker) in the next 2 seasons, leaving the door open for some new talent to come in. There are a few youngsters with promise (Kirk Garner, Darious Latimore), but not a lot of depth remaining there.

This is where Kareem Gibson fits in. He could play WR or DB in college, but with significantly more depth at WR, he'll start out at CB. He's a small CB, at just 5'11" and 160 pounds, so he'll need a redshirt to add bulk. He will also work on adding quickness, because he doesn't have great top-end speed.

The above video is an overall highlight video of Gibson, and is provided courtesy of Hudl.

Where Gibson does excel is in reading a play or a WR. He's very good in zone coverage, when he can see the play developing. He makes good reads and then doesn't hesitate to make a play when it is there. But he's also capable in man coverage, especially if he has over the top help. He's not the most physical of CBs, but he plays a lot bigger than his size would predict.

As a WR, Gibson would project as a slot guy. He is quick in and out of his cuts and has very good hands. He would need a fair amount of work on route running, but once the ball is in his hands, he is very dangerous.

The Hoos' needs at CB are greater than at WR, and Gibson projects as a better CB than a WR. With two senior CBs on the roster, there is no reason for Gibson to see the field. He'll build up his upper body strength while redshirting and then probably spend another season or two on special teams before being ready for action at CB.